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Your belting systems are vital to the continued operation of your business. At Capital Belting, we use our combined decades of experience to make sure that you suffer the minimum of service interruptions and downtime. 

Great systems are only noticed when they go wrong

Capital Belting is a believer that the best systems should go unnoticed. It is our goal that your equipment should run so smoothly that you barely have to think about it. In order to keep it operating at that level, inspection and maintenance is key. Regular inspection of the equipment means issues can be fixed before they become problems, and at a time that suits your business.

With the cost of unscheduled downtime being so high, the cost of regular servicing and maintenance will pay for itself many time over during the course of a year.

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Our 24 Hour Emergency Service

Capital Belting pride ourselves on our excellent 24 hour emergency callout service. Operating at all times, day or night, we are ready to assist you to get your business back up and running. We aim for you to have the absolute minimum of disruption to your business.

Servicing and Health Checks

The key to any well functioning system is to make sure that it is well looked after. A properly serviced and maintained system will perform better for longer with less unexpected downtime and service interruption. We can inspect the health of you current system and recommend suitable preventative actions to keep everything running smoothly.

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Despite everyone's best efforts, components will occasionally fail. At Capital Belting, we understand the frustration of productivity grinding to a halt. That is why we run a 24 hour emergency contact system to get you back up and running with the minimum interruption. Should the failure be less urgent, please call to arrange a repair at your convenience.