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Servicing & Health Checks

Among the most popular services that we offer. The cost of machinery downtime can be so damaging to a business that a regular maintenance regime is by far the most cost effective method. Coupled with our in-depth health checks problems can be identified before they become disruptions.

What we offer

We know that any downtime on your conveyors can hugely disrupt your business and in extreme cases, completely halt production. This can be costly and time consuming to your business. For this reason, we offer all customers, regardless of size, a regular belt health check to check the condition and productivity of your conveyors.

The belt health check involves one of our fitters attending site, either whilst running or during pre planned downtime, walking around and monitoring each belt you have in use. During the inspection we can then advise you if any of the belts are contaminated, damaged or if any of the joints are compromised.

We can then discuss with you to arrange a repair or replacement at a time that is convenient for your business. If you keep stock belts on site for emergency breakdowns we can, in some cases, carry out the replacement or patch at the end of the health check if required. The health checks can be carried out at various intervals depending on the belt type and load to suit your needs.


What you can expect

We have found that the customers who have regular health checks experience fewer emergency breakdowns and require fewer full replacements of belts, as more often than not we can catch any problems before the belt is unrepairable. During the inspection, our fitters can also ensure that the belts are tracked correctly, minimising the risk of frayed edges, and adjust tensioners to ensure secure and effective application of our products .

The health check is also an opportunity to discuss any upcoming works you may require, any future orders and any general advice you may need for the maintenance of the conveyors. We can keep you updated with any new belting ranges that are available that we feel may be more suited the application.

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If you would like to arrange for a belt health check please contact us either By Phone, Email or via our App.