Waste Belts


Our suppliers produce conveyor and transmission belts for the handling of all types of material in warehouses and mail distribution centres, providing the manufacturers of handling systems full technical assistance from the project design.

What are your distribution needs?

When you have things which are here, that need to be there, then you have distribution needs. From things which are small and many to things which are large and few, we have worked with companies to streamline all their processes. We work with them to reduce the time and costs associated with the movement of items to help them keep their edge in what are becoming increasingly competitive markets.

The conveyor belts satisfy the increasingly growing demand for safe and reliable high speed sorting systems ensuring quality, high performance and low energy consumption.

The Capital belting offer includes conveyor belts for distribution centres, mail sorting systems with optical reading technology (OCR, VCR, CFC), supermarket check-outs.

Working with boxes
Man with box


  • Energy saving
  • Flame-retardant according to EN20340-ISO 340 and UL94
  • High resistance to abrasion and impacts
  • Quiet running
  • Total operation safety
  • Long service life