Baggage conveyor

Baggage Handling

Capital Belting supplies a range of energy saving belts, able to meet the growing demand for reliability, safety and fast handling of all types of baggage, from check-in to loading into the luggage hold.

Are you ready for the recovery?

After some truly challenging years for airports and air travel, the routes are reopening and the volume of passengers and goods is increasing. You can ensure that your conveyor systems are read to begin operating at scale once again by making use of our services for inspection and repair. If now is the time to invest in efficiency and available volume, our engineering services are ready to help.

Airport Baggage Handling

The wide range of  belts, developed in collaboration with the leading airport handling system OEMs, satisfy all application needs, while ensuring high quality and performance in full compliance with International safety standards.

Hundreds of international airports use energy saving conveyor belts. Thanks to a distribution network open to us, we can provide an efficient rapid response service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the airports throughout the world.

Systems we have worked with

This includes conveyor belts for luggage and baggage handling, check-in, baggage check, X-ray baggage control system, explosive detectors, flipper and pusher diverters, aircraft loading and unloading.


  • Energy saving
  • Flame-retardant according to EN20340-ISO 340 and UL94
  • High resistance to abrasion and impacts
  • Quiet running
  • Total operation safety
  • Long service life