Engineer at work

Engineering Services

Capital Belting offers the full range of engineering services to allow you to rapidly expand, replace or rearrange your belting systems. Our expert engineers have a wealth of experience in all types of belt systems, so you know you are receiving accurate and up to date information and advice.

How we can help you

Our engineering services cover the full gamut of your likely needs. From full belting installations designed specifically for you industry, to small, rapid replacements designed to keep you operating with the minimum of downtime. Below you will find further information about out services and the value they offer to you and your business.


Capital Belting's expert team of engineers, fitters and associates can design and fit systems to meet the needs of all industries, from the smallest to the biggest. Our on-site team will visit any new installation to take accurate measurements and discuss all your individual requirements.


In the event that components are beyond effective repair, our engineering team will ensure that you are supplied with the best available replacement components for your individual needs. We supply a huge range of parts, allowing you to keep your system running at its most efficient.

Our Bespoke Engineering Services

Capital Belting pride ourselves on our deep understanding of what your business requires from its equipment. Our experienced engineers and operatives have the experience to ensure that you are getting the equipment you need. We aim for you to have the absolute minimum of disruption to your operation, whilst we design and install the machinery to keep your business moving forward.