We carry out belt installations throughout all industries, from small quick melt belts to large bakery coolers, with a range of joining techniques specific to each belts usage to improve the longevity of your belts and keep your business moving. All of our belts are custom made to our customers specification.

Before we embark on installations for new clients, we prefer to personally visit the site to take measurements and confirm which belt type is required, to prevent any errors when ordering.

Due to ever changing technology and new techniques, there may be a belt that is better suited to the application at hand. This is dependent on the belts usage, expected load and positioning.

In most cases, this can be arranged for the same week you require the fitting. If it's an emergency breakdown you require, providing you know the belt size and current type, we can replace like for like.

For customers who have used us previously and taken advantage of our site survey, we will keep a record of all the belts you may require. This ensures we can be on site quickly with your custom belt with minimal disruption to your business.

We use only the highest standard of belting and have full confidence in all of the products we supply.


Contact us to discuss your requirements

Belts for pre planned installations can be ordered by Phone, Email or via our App.