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Here at Capital our aim is to supply a professional, reliable and cost effective service to all of our customers. One of the ways we aim to save you money is by offering a repair service. We like to ensure all of our customers receive as much use out of our belting products as possible.

All work will be discussed and fully explained before any decision about repairing or replacing is made. Some customers prefer to fully replace the belt if the conveyor is already out of service and others would rather extend their usage.

Below are a few examples of situations a repair may be offered

Fraying edges

If you notice your conveyor is beginning to fray along the edges we can send one of our experienced team to come and assess the damage. We can then decide whether we can trim the edges and extend the life span of the belt or whether it will require a full replacement.

Join Separation

On rare occasions the join on a belt can begin to separate. On a clip belt it may simply require new clips and pins which can be arranged at a time to suit yourselves. For Splice joins depending on the damage caused we can on occasion offer to patch the join and minimise financial outlay from yourselves. Joins can fail for many reasons, the most common causes are poor maintenance of the machine, high levels of tension on the belt, incorrectly tracked machines, build up on rollers or just simple bad luck. We will where possible aim to repair rather than pressure our customers into purchasing a replacement.

Damage to a small section of belt

If you notice you have damage to only a small section, of an otherwise fully functioning belt, we can discuss the option of an insert. This a small piece of belting that is inserted and joined to replace the damaged section. This can be a cost effective solution to quickly getting your conveyor up and running.

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